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Yan Cui

Developer Advocate at Lumigo and AWS Serverless Hero


Yan is an experienced engineer who has run production workload at scale in AWS for 10 years. He has been an architect and principal engineer with a variety of industries ranging from banking, e-commerce, sports streaming to mobile gaming. He has worked extensively with AWS Lambda in production, and has been helping companies around the world adopt AWS and serverless as a consultant. Yan is an AWS Serverless Hero and a regular speaker at user groups and conferences internationally, and he is also the author of Production-Ready Serverless by Manning and keeps an active blog at https://theburningmonk.com.

How to refactor a monolith to serverless in 8 steps

Refactoring a monolith to serverless can be intimidating, but there are discrete steps that you can take to simplify the process. In this talk, AWS Serverless Hero Yan Cui outlines 8 steps to successfully refactor your monolith and highlight key decision points such as language and tooling choices.

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